Smart Manufacturing Taps into Potential of 3D Machine Vision

San Francisco, California, June 08, 2017: The growing adoption of automation technologies in smart manufacturing processes and in robotics are key factors paving the way for substantial growth of 3D machine vision market. The application of 3D imaging in a variety of consumer electronics and industry efforts in mainstreaming factory floor automation are seminal developments boosting the evolution of the market. A new report penned by TMR Research, titled “3D Machine Vision Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025”, takes a closer look at these factors and more affecting the market dynamics.

The research provides comprehensive insights into the notable trends, key developments in factory automation technologies, recent advances in 3D imaging, and lucrative avenues in various regions. The study takes a holistic look at key factors influencing the adoption of machine vision in robotics technology. Recent innovative product launches by various players are highlighted and their impact on the competitive dynamics is evaluated.

The 3D machine vision market is primarily driven by a general surge in adoption of automation technologies in numerous industry verticals in various regions. The pressing demand for factory floor automation and the growing popularity of smart manufacturing are expected to boost the 3D machine vision market. Advancement in imaging sensors and the application of machine vision in robotic arms meant for visual machine inspection in factories are expected to fuel the demand for 3D machine vision system. The use of 3D machine vision has been found to be useful for proper installation of engine components and complements human labor employed in the process.

Recent advances in the area of image processing and the accelerated use of 3D imaging in smartphones are expected to spur the demand for 3D machine vision. The high cost of the research and development in 3D machine vision and the lack of awareness among players involved in factory automation are key factors likely to hinder the market to an extent. Nevertheless, the soaring popularity of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in factory automation are expected to open up lucrative growth avenues for manufacturers. Furthermore, industry efforts on future innovations are likely to be focused on 2D processing on 3D images and machine learning technology. The application of these technologies in robotics is projected to create a number of exciting opportunities in the market.

Europe and North America are prominent markets for 3D machine vision. The growth of these regional markets is driven by an accelerated use of automation in the healthcare and medical industries and the growing prominence of IIoT in several European countries. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is expected to offer lucrative growth avenues for many players to capitalize on. The growth of this regional market is attributed to the large presence of regional and global manufacturing companies specializing in 3D machine vision. The adoption of 3D vision system in making electronics goods in countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, and India is expected to catalyze the regional market growth.

Major players operating in the 3D machine vision market include National Instruments Corporation, LMI Technologies, Stemmer Imaging, MVTec Software GmbH, Tordivel AS, Keyence Corporation, Sick AG, Cognex Corporation, Basler AG, and ISRA VISION AG.