New 3-D Printed Ventilator requires no Electricity

In a classic example, of research collaboration and ensuing friendship between a handful of engineers in Florida and an Oregon-based trauma surgeon has resulted in a new ventilator design. The new-design ventilator does not require electricity and displays the potential to be a game-changer for the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile – the trauma surgeon – who specializes in critical care and prosthetics was closely watching Covid-19 in its early days. In no time, the trauma surgeon along with his team at Oregon Health and Science University set to work to develop a new, easy method to replicate ventilators that could be installed anywhere. Having retired as a commander at the U.S. Navy Reserve, the trauma surgeon is well versed with extreme conditions.

On having a design ready, the trauma surgeon called up a friend-cum-clinical-trial-collaborator, co-founder of Limbitless Solutions, Florida. The non-profit based at the University of Central Florida makes prosthetics for children and has been undertaking clinical trials with the trauma surgeon since 2018.

Clinical Trials underway to Serve Telemedicine in line with FDA guidelines

At present, the trials are being adapted to serve telemedicine in line with FDA guidelines in response to COVID-19 to mitigate travel of participants. Meanwhile, in the interim, the company pivoted its manufacturing capabilities to manufacture hundreds of 3-D printed face shield components to supply local hospitals. The company did this through a national coalition steered by 3-D company Stratasys.

Earlier, the trauma surgeon called the co-founder of Limbitless Solutions to share his idea. “The team at Limbitless Solutions listens to ideas of the trauma surgeon, and is happy to support in any way.”

To this, the co-founder at Limbitless Solutions called upon engineers at the company to tackle the new challenge.