Taboo related to the Onchocerciasis causes Among Rural Population Obstructing Onchocerciasis Market Growth

Onchocerciasis is a term used to refer river blindness. It is caused due to biting of a parasitic worm and the consciousness of not treating the dieses could lead to serious complications. This parasitic worms are imparted within human skin through a particular black fly belonging to the samarium family. These worms start producing larvae once they enter human skin thus blocking human vision. The disease is mainly found among the people who leave close to moving streams and waterways of sub-Saharan range of Africa.

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However, there is no prescribed diagnostic available for the diseases. At present doctors use biopsy on skin with regular saline and wait for the larva to come out. The method gives a short terms relax to the patient but it is does not produce any impact on patient. Another procedure that is used by medical professionals to treat this disease involves searching for the larvae in the eye as well as sensing bumps. Similar to first method, this method lacks in effectivity and results. There is no specific vaccine available against this disease mostly due to the lack of investments by the players. There are several reasons that has made this market quite speculative. One of them is inadequate awareness among people regarding the treatment of the dieses. Most of the patient still believes that dieses have no cure, hence they are not opting for the treatment of the diseases. This makes this market low profitable among the players.

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However, government in several developing countries are making an effort to spread awareness among the patients and general public for the treatment of these disease. This is a prominent factor expected to drive the Onchocerciasis market in the coming few years.

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