Surging global demand to boost Japanese sake market

Sake, also known as rice wine in some countries is a traditional Japanese alcohol type made with fermented rice. Other than rice, Japanese sake is also infused with yeast, water, and koji-kin (a member of the koji mold family used in Japan’s brewing industry).  Locally, it is also known as ‘Saki’ or ‘Nihonshu’.  Japanese Sake is generally sweet flavored and light in color. Japanese sake contains 15 to 18 percent alcohol.

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The global Japanese sake market is expected to grow tremendously in the forecast period 2019-2029. Updated knowledge of sake and the expanding global reach are some of the main factors that may propel the growth rate of the Japanese sake market.

Surge in the export of Japanese sake across various countries

Sake represents the Japanese traditional beverages but now it’s not just limited to Japan. The Japanese sake market has expanded its horizons across the globe. The market is divided into the regions of North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. This has been possible due to the rising demand for Japanese sake around the world. There has been a remarkable spike in inclination of individuals toward traditional drinks. Another main aspect is expansion of Japanese restaurants and food chains across the world. Japanese restaurants offer authentic and traditional cuisine and beverages to their patrons. This publicizes the sake to a great extent. Hence, an increase in Japanese restaurants is directly proportional to an increase in the growth rate of the global Japanese sake market.

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In addition, the traditional sake is being fused with a plethora of flavors to make it more interesting for the consumer. Furthermore, indigenous creators of sake are carrying promotions in various international exhibitions and trade shows that are held overseas. Therefore, this also gives a good boost to the growth of the Japanese sake market.

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