Surging Construction Activities Stokes Demand in Hydraulic Cylinder Market

Hydraulic cylinder is a type of actuation device which helps in converting hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy. This device also aids in producing a unidirectional force. There is a difference between hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. Hydraulic cylinders mostly perform transitory or linear motion, whereas the motors engage rotational motion. Hydraulic cylinders are mainly used for creating mechanical energy or force in a linear motion through using hydraulic fluids. Such fluids under hydraulic pressure act on the surface for causing a linear movement to the piston which directly connects the load.

Hydraulic cylinders are highly used in manufacturing engineering vehicles, construction equipment, and manufacturing other machineries. Such cylinders are mostly consist of base, cylinder barrel, head, piston rod, piston, and seals. Hydraulic cylinders are extensively used in load lifting, construction, and equipment handling machinery.

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Going forward, the global hydraulic cylinder market is growing at a solid pace due to the enormous demand for efficient mining and construction activities.

Industrialization Coupled with Economic Growth in Developing Economies Boosts Market

Hydraulic cylinders play a major role in motion control in a wide array of industrial applications such as wind turbine, aerospace, military, and industrial robotics. Such cylinders are widely used in making industrial concrete pumps which are widely used in various industries such as construction. Rising governments’ investments toward infrastructural improvements and developments, and increasing construction industry worldwide are the major factors driving the global hydraulic cylinder market.

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Furthermore, the equipment made of hydraulic cylinders are mostly tear and corrosion resistant, thus, these equipment are highly efficient and provides better performance in a harsh environment. Such USPs are fueling the demand in the global hydraulic cylinder market. Along with this, growing demand for modern machinery and equipment in civil engineering, and number of food processing industries are also boosting the global hydraulic cylinder market.

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