Surgical Instruments Tracking Systems Market Thrives on Rampant Misplacement of Surgical Objects

The rising numbers of surgical procedures necessitates use of technologically advanced processes.According to the findings of a report by The University of California, San Diego, less than 3% of the hospitals worldwide have a mechanism in place to monitor at the instrument level.

Global surgical instruments tracking systems market is witnessing growth due to risingincidents of surgical instrumentsretained in the human body following a surgery. In addition to that, misplacement of instrument is a primary factor fuelling growth of the global surgical instruments tracking system market.

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In accordance with findings of National Center for Biotechnology Information, the fatality rate due to retention of surgical objects inside a human body is nearly 2.0%. Therefore, the need for latest technologies like RFID and 2D barcodes arises to keep a track of surgical objects while an operation is going on. This need adds impetus to the global surgical instruments tracking systems market.

Need to Optimize Performance of Operating Rooms Bolsters Market Growth

Many hospitals are adopting surgical instrument tracking products. The operating rooms generate most of the revenue for the hospitals. Therefore, hospitals arelooking for state-of-the-art technology that will help in the implementation of efficacious management of operation theatres to optimize performance.

Many hospitals face issues withinventory management and tracking ofmedical devices during day-to-day work comprising sterilization procedures, post-surgery,surgery, and storage. Therefore, hospitals are espousing advanced tracking technologies, which will drive the global surgical instruments tracking systems market.

In addition to that, global surgical instruments tracking systems market is also driven by the need to minimize human errors. Human errors are the main reason for fatalities due to retained surgical objects inside a human body. With the adoption of surgical instruments tracking systems such errors are bound to be reduced.

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Another factor that is driving the demand for surgical instruments tracking systems is need for diminished labor time for tray assembly. An analysis suggests that the main area of focus for saving cost is the surgical tray preparation procedure.

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