Surgery Tables Market – Know the Revenue and Profit-Sources of the Industry

Operating tables are often least discussed stuff of operating theatres. Nonetheless, they have remained a key part of the all the myriad surgeries performed worldwide, and occupy as important role as any surgeon’s scalpel and medical devices. Stridently, different types of operating tables have hit commercialization in order to cater to wide range of requirements of surgeons and patient populations. Their demand for both minimally-invasive to invasive surgical procedures has grown. Evolving surgical requirements in cardiac and orthopedic procedures have enriched the marketspace. A market research study projects the surgery tables market to surpass value of US$ 900 Mn in 2026.

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Companies Bet Big on Products with Improved Versatility and Freedom for Surgeons

Surgeries ranging from common general surgeries to complex image-guided cardiac and orthopedic procedures have fueled new designs and functionalities in surgery tables. Product manufacturers in the surgery tables market are moving away from conventional contours to meet customized requirements, also. This has opened up new frontiers in the surgery tables market.

Minimally-invasive Surgical Procedures Become More Demanding

Changing requirements in surgical specialities have been at the backbone of the need for new generation of products in the surgery tables market. Surgical table manufacturers have gained revenue streams from the sales of tables to be used in range of orthopedic procedures. Rise in demand for advanced devices for supporting new surgical approaches in total hip arthroplasty and arthroscopic procedures has broadened the market avenue.

Fluoroscopy imaging has grown popular, hinged on the adoption of next-gen imaging techniques in various surgical specialties. Their demand has risen in orthopedic and vascular surgeries, thus resulting in uptick in demand for products in the surgery tables market.

New Designs Become Synonymous with Increased Patient Comfort

Patient comfort is increasingly becoming a compelling proposition for companies to capture steady value from the surgery tables market. Demand for tables that can accommodate patients of varying heights and weights has risen, pointing to enormous possibilities for medtech companies in the market. Good ergonomics also help surgical staff to position the patient more effortlessly and with increased flexibility on the surgery table. Mobile operating tables equipped with standardized and anatomy-specific projections have gathered traction in the surgery tables market. A case in point is growing adoption of next-gen intra-operative fluoroscopy using a mobile C-arm for use in orthopedic and trauma surgeries.

Manufacturers Offer Radiology Tables to Stay Ahead of Patient Care

OEMs in the surgery tables market find vast revenue possibilities from need for increasing patient care to requirements of intraoperative radiography. Tellingly, their urge to building advanced capabilities in intraoperative radiography stems from the need for constantly improving operating theatres (OTs).

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Advanced Capabilities Built on OTs

Several of the product attributes of radiology tables have been improved to cater to the need for all possible positioning of the patient. The need for making them more convenient, easy to control, and accurate in positioning has extended the value proposition for manufacturers of radiology tables market. Adoption of radiology tables will bolster the surgery tables market expansion. Additionally, new product features have allowed surgeons to reduce the risk of harmful exposure of radiation to patients in various surgeries.

Commercialization of Radiolucent Imaging Tables Expanding Possibilities

Growing R&D in radiolucent imaging tables is unlocking new revenue streams for companies in the surgery tables market. Overall, radiological imaging tables will present the largest opportunity for surgical table market players during the next few years. Advancements in operating tables are catalyzing the need for versatile surgical tables. Leading surgical table manufacturers are witnessing sizable revenues in X-ray transparent operating tables. Companies including Steris and Meditronix Corporation are geared toward unveiling next-gen surgery tables. Moreover, they are leaning on improving the affordability of the various products that have been commercialized in the surgery tables market over the past few years.

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