Sunroof Glazing Market is projected to witness an incredible rise by 2030

The sunroof glazing market has made rapid strides on the back of changing consumer preferences in the automobile industry. Vehicle makers are keen on offering car architecture that offers unique ambience and hence a unique user experience. Sunroofs have become a part of convertible cars. These cars are gathering steam among consumers who want a feel of luxury. The growing demand for luxury vehicles and high-end vehicles among populations in developing countries is boosting the growth of the sunroof glazing market. Over the past decade, significant rise in per capita incomes have been witnessed in several emerging economies, thereby, boosting the popularity of sunroof glazing.

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The feeling of openness that comes with automotive sunroof glazing is one of the compelling market propositions for passengers. It not just offers fresh air and light, but increased ventilation that makes this popular, whereas sunroofing glazing is done with particular attention to the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Adoption of Technologically Advanced Automotive Manufacturing Boosts Market

The adoption of better technologies, such as robotics, in automobile manufacturing has expanded the avenue for glass manufacturers catering to the demand for sunroof glazing market. Rise in use of automated technologies has helped automotive companies to achieve new design parameters, and will aid in the commercialization of new geometries. Advancements made in the metal fabrication technologies used in automotive industry are also spurring the growth of new avenues in the sunroof glazing market.

A range of materials have been used to make sunroof glazing more durable, flexible in design, and resistant to environmental degradation. Further, the rise in use of high-end vehicles in the media and entertainment industry is bolstering the market prospects. The rapid pace of commercialization of electric vehicles offers a high growth impetus to the demand for new materials and designs in sunroof glazing.

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Some of the key regions in the sunroof glazing market are North America and Europe. Continuous advancements being made in the research and development of automotive windshield and glass materials are fueling the growth of the regional markets.

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