Sulfosuccinate Market Impacting the Growth by 2025

Global Sulfosuccinate Market: Overview

Sulfosuccinates are metal (sodium) salts of monoester or diester sulfosuccinic acid. Produced from maleic acid anhydride, they are primarily anionic surfactants. Unlike other anionic surfactants, sulfosuccinates cause less irritation to the skin and eyes as they have mild cleansing characteristics. With biodegradable and good foaming properties, they also provide performance properties such as dispersing, wetting, foaming, and solubilization.

Diesters and monoesters are the two variants of sulfosuccinates. Diesters are less soluble in water, cause irritation to skin and eyes, and possess poor foaming properties, therefore they are used as wetting agents and dispersants. Monoester sulfosuccinates, on the other hand, are mild on the eyes and skin and make for good foaming agents, thus finding extensive application in the personal care industry.

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Global Sulfosuccinate Market: Key Trends

The global sulfosuccinate market is primarily led by growing demand for personal care products. Due to excellent emulsifying, dispersing, and wetting properties, sulfosuccinate is widely used in personal care products including baby shampoos, cleaners, and bubble baths. In addition, changing lifestyle and growing consumer disposable income will supplement the demand. Sulfosuccinate is majorly used as cleansers for floor cleaners, glass, carpet shampoos, and dry cleaning. It also finds application in leather and fur industries.

Moreover, aqueous surfactant formulation is injected into a mature oil reservoir and is used to drill and produce natural gas and coal bed methane. As a result, a recuperating oil and gas industry is expected to open new doors for market participants.

The market will face a huge setback due to challenging regulatory, consumer, and environmental pressures pertaining to the packaging, transportation, production, use, and disposal of sulfosuccinate.

Global Sulfosuccinate Market: Market Potential

The usage of sulfosuccinate is not only limited to personal care products, but also finds application in the agriculture sector. Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate is a type of salt, commercially known as Aerosol OT, which when mixed with liquid pesticides helps reduce waste due to splashing.

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A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in China have found that during spraying of pesticides on plants and crops, a considerable amount of the liquid bounces off the leaves and ends up as waste on the ground. By adding a small amount of Aerosol OT to the liquid fertilizer, the liquid adheres to leaves rather than bouncing off or splashing. As Aerosol OT is widely used in pharmaceutical products, it has been proven to have no negative impact on human health.

Global Sulfosuccinate Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the sulfosuccinate market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. North America is expected to lead the global market and will continue to dominate the market over the forecast period due to a growing pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. Moreover, owing to the use of the product in drilling and mining applications, shale gas exploration in the U.S will supplement the market growth. Europe is likely to follow suit, as it is the highest consumer and producer of personal care products.

The Asia Pacific region, led by China and India, will register a high CAGR over the forecast period. This regional growth can be credited to the increased disposable income, which invariably has boosted the demand for healthcare and personal care products, thereby positively impacting the market growth.

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Global Sulfosuccinate Market: Competitive Analysis

The Dow Chemical Company, Lonza, Huntsman Corporation, Rhodia, Croda International Plc, MFG Chemicals, and Stepan Company are the prominent players operating in the global sulfosuccinate market.

The degree of competition is intense among the leading participants who have their presence distributed across multiple stages of the industry’s ecosystem. Through capacity expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and price hike, prominent players are able to hold their market position.

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