Subsurface Fluid Injection Could Trigger Earthquakes, finds Study

The impact of earthquakes goes beyond land terrains and flat zones. This suggests that a large expanse of the earth’s core dismantles and reforms during earthquakes. Researchers have ascertained multiple factors that trigger earthquakes across different geographical terrains. Research conducted at Tufts University used data from ground-fault modelling to find triggers for earthquakes. The researchers also gathered data from field experiments to delve into the genesis of major earthquakes. The research found wastewater disposal activities during oil and gas exploration as a major cause for earthquake activity. Moreover, the process of ‘fracking’ also emerged as a key trigger for earthquakes across fluid diffusion zones. Subsurface injection of fluids is common to both of the aforementioned processes conducted in the oil and gas industry. Science journal published the findings of the groundbreaking research.

Cause of Seismic Movement

Injection of subsurface fluids beyond a kilometre is associated with rapid seismic movements. Furthermore, the fluid diffusion areas are extremely vulnerable to seismic movements. The study finds that fluid injections in specific areas can trigger earthquakes across a wide expanse of land. The network of existing fault-fractures further increases the scale of such earthquakes. The study also asserts that man-made earthquakes outnumber natural earthquakes over a given a period of time.

Use of Field Experiments

The use of field experiments to fetch key data adds to the authenticity of the research. The findings from the research can help in developing reliable models for preventing major earthquakes. Furthermore, the study can help experts in understanding the fault-behaviour of man-made earthquakes across the globe.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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