Substantial Soil Enriching Capability of Paper Fiber Market to fortify uptake in Agriculture Industry

Not all paper fiber can be utilized in pulp and paper manufacturing processes. Paper fiber, consisting mainly of wood fiber, forms a remarkably exciting product in the recycled market. The market has evolved by the striking stride made in the area of pulp and paper mill by-products being used as excellent soil amendments. Plus, the sludge generated by pulp and paper mills are used as plant nutrient sources in a variety of exciting land applications.

Containing an abundance of organic matter, paper fiber products are finding extensive applications among agriculturists and in numerous land reclamation programs, world over. These products are gathering steam as potentially useful soil additives as they are used to help restore soil fertility in steep slopes and largely invigorate the topsoil. In addition, they are also used to form an impenetrable layer for sealing closed landfills. The amazing water retention capacity open paper fiber to exciting applications, such as in animals bedding. The current and emerging vast assortment of use of paper fiber in various applications. According to an estimates by Transparency Market Research, the global market for paper fiber is rising at a healthy clip over the forecast period 2016–2024.

Which trends will keep the demand for paper fiber potentially attractive?

The extensive rising use of paper fiber as soil additives in the agriculture industry is a seminal factor driving the market. The substantial demand for paper fiber in various steep slope projects to provide robust erosion control is a significant factor helping the market emerge at a rapid pace. The use of paper fiber helps ensure the long-term availability of nitrogen and resists drought. Paper fiber forms an exciting prospect in the recycled paper industry for its use in land reclamation projects and site development. With the declining availability in arable land, paper fiber forms a cost-effective and excellent option. The significant application of paper fiber in the livestock industry as animals bedding is a notable factor providing a robust impetus to the demand.

In recent years, farmers in emerging economies in various parts of the world are increasingly using paper fiber as cost-effective product to meet specific soil enriching needs. Such developments also build on measures for recycling byproducts in the paper and pulp industry.

Which region is likely to hold the sway in the paper fiber market?

Some of the key regional markets for paper fiber are North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Of these, Asia Pacific is emerging at an accelerated pace, driven mainly by the marked reliance of various economies on agriculture. The rising application of paper fiber in the agriculture industry for cost-effective options for enriching the soil fertility is key to the uptake. The substantially rising demand for premium yields crops is a notable factor catalyzing the demand for fiber crop in agriculture.

A major part of the regional revenue is expected to come from China and India. The emerging application of paper fiber in dairy firms as robust replacement to hay and dried crops used in animal bedding is also a notable trend creating exciting opportunities for marker players to capitalize on. Meanwhile, Australia is expected to provide marked lucrative avenues in the global market over the assessment period.

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Which are some of the companies holding position of strength in the market and what are their key consolidation strategies?

A number of players with prominent position in the market are capitalizing on using paper fiber in the recycling chain. Several top players are offering solutions and products for paper fiber to be used in agriculture industry. Prominent companies include Casella Waste Systems, JK Paper Limited, Stora Enso Oyj, WestRock Company, Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Limited, and Resources Management Inc.

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