Substantial Advances Made in Refrigeration Technology catalyze demand for Household Refrigerators and Freezers

Domestic refrigerator has arguably become a ubiquitous household device and is essential for the storage of chilled food. A vast majority of households in developing and developed worlds possess refrigerators and freezers, but not all of them have knowledge about adequate domestic refrigeration or cooling. For instance, they lack the knowledge of recommended refrigeration temperature range and way it should be monitored. Moreover, the optimal use of refrigeration energy to reduce the carbon footprint has been also lacking sufficient attention by household users. It is in this backdrop, technology has made substantial inroads into the household refrigerators and freezers market. Rising spending capacity has kindled the demand for smart and technology-advanced household refrigerators and freezers world over.

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The demand for household refrigerators and freezers will stay bright due to the rising role of household refrigeration in minimizing food spoilage and waste in various countries. Substantial advances have been made in refrigeration technology and process over the past several years, and contemporary appliances have been replaced to meet the current and emerging needs of end users.

Awareness about Right Refrigerator Operating Temperatures bolsters Household Refrigerators and Freezers

Several parameters have received attention of manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers. One of the key aspects that the current household refrigerators and freezers focus is energy efficiency. Over the past few years, they have become more responsive to rising energy demands and there has been stricter enforcement of regulations pertaining to household energy consumptions. This has been receiving considerable focus of manufacturers who wish to attract consumers based on the appliance’s energy ratings.

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The market has picked an attractive momentum from the implementation of recommended refrigeration temperatures, which varies from country to country. The growing household awareness about the right refrigerator operating temperatures is expected to bolster the uptake of household refrigerators and freezers. Relentless efforts to bring advancement in refrigeration cooling technologies will create new avenues in the household refrigerators and freezers market.

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