Studying the Geometric Phase (GP) Effect in Chemical Reactions

Geometric phase effect has been studied by scientists and researchers to find the various elements associated with of this chemical outlay. The reaction between H and H2 has been the basis to understand geometric phase effect that is common to most chemical reactions. The isotopic variants of the reaction between H and H2 have also been used to get a peek into the realm of geometric phase effect. The conical intersection at the surface separating the ground and the primary excited state is responsible for the occurrence of geometric phases. A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the University of Science and Technology, China have conducted an experiment to test the geometric phase effect of chemical reactions.

New Methods of Study

The study of geometric phase (GP) is not new to scientists, but the study in question developed a novel approach based on quantum theory to study GP effect. Prof. Zhang Donghui developed an energy surface that helped the researchers in finding key inferences about the observed oscillations. This in turn helped them in assessing various ways in which the forward scatterings of geometric phase effect can be studied and analysed. The effect of GP effect on the reactivity of chemical reactions has been studied under the new research.

Future Developments

The study of conical structures and other molecular systems has been an area of immense scrutiny over the past decades. It is projected that the results of the study would invite several new experiments in the chemical industry over the coming years.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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