Studying Human Microbiome through Organ Chip Technology

Human microbiome, present inside the human body, plays an important role in synthesis of nutrients. The human microbiome is like a cluster of microbes that dwell inside the body. Further, these microbes exercise tremendous control over the health of individuals. The human gut consists of the largest number of microbes that are responsible for release of key molecules. Microbes inside the gut convert nutrients into useful molecules that are important for the survival of humans. However, these microbes can also act as agents of several diseases including cancer, autoimmune diseases, and general infections. These microbes can also trigger neuropsychiatric disorders, metabolic disorders, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Development of “Organ Chip” Model

Scientists used metagenomic or genomic analysis to carryout the study. Wyss Institute, Harvard has developed an “Organ Chip” module for studying microbiomes. Moreover, you can lay this chip onto an organ in order to develop a culture of microbes. This technology may bring a paradigm change in the domain of medical research and technology. Besides, the huge role played by microbes in human health and disease is an agreed postulate within medicine. Nature Biomedical Engineering published the findings of the research conducted at Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Accommodation of Microbiome

Researchers used intestine chips to accommodate the whole microbiome during the experiment. Further, the anaerobic intestine chip significantly helped in understanding cultures of microbes. The research can influence several other experiments related to microbe cultures.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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