Studying DNA-RNA Models to Understand Life on Earth

Researchers recently used RNA and DNA models to study evolution of life on earth. The researchers approved the theory of prebiotic molecular formation as a cause of evolution. The prebiotic molecules develop into RNAs that carry information from DNAs to an organism’s body. The researchers assert that the first RNAs on earth replicated themselves over a period of time to form DNA molecules. This successive replication led to the evolution of life on earth.

Contesting Opinions

However, Dr. Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy from Scripps University counters the aforementioned argument related to life on earth. He states that the enzymes needed for RNA formation were not present on earth billions of years ago. This eliminates the possibility of life originating from RNA and DNA molecules. Contrary to popular belief, RNA molecules do not undergo replication or catalysation. Krishnamurthy believes that the RNA world is a questionable paradigm due to the mount of fallacies therein.

However, Krishnamurthy concurs with the idea of RNA-DNA duplexes that could have played a part in evolution. He explains that these duplexes are instable molecules with minimal affinity for themselves.

Concerns of Research Fraternity

Researchers raise concerns about the absence of clean evidence to mark the start of life on earth. For this reason, these researchers study mixes of RNA and DNA to propose possible theories. A concern raised by the scientists is the messy origin of life on earth. If RNA and DNAs did not exist billions of years ago, then human origins could be a complicated area. To that, Krishnamurthy states that it is “Okay” to not have clean chemistry.

The research fraternity is expected to focus on finding thorough evidence related to the origins of life on earth. If the RNA-DNA theory is contested by other researchers, there is a need for to address the origin of life on earth.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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