Study Discovers Years of Laziness Taken Off with Regular Exercise

Researchers detailed Monday that a little exercise but a regular one could eliminate the damage people have subjected their bodies to while sitting around and simply doing nothing. Approximately following the exercise guidelines of the American Heart Association, a two-year program had been found by the researchers to help a group of middle-aged individuals to lower their risk of heart failure and tune up their hearts. After completing the trial, Dallas pharmacy specialist, Lisa Ashworth, 55, has said that she feels younger every day now that she is committed to regular exercise.

Prolonged Exercise Initiated in Middle Age Preempts Sedentary Aging

Director of Texas Health Resources’ Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, Dr. Benjamin Levine has explained that exercising merely two to three times a week did not do much to protect against heart aging. However, sedentary heart aging has been found to be effectively prevented with the help of committed exercise done four to five times a week, if not the more extreme workout followed by elite athletes.

Aging between 45 and 64 years, 53 middle-aged volunteers who admitted that they idle their time away had been put on an exercise program. Some had been assigned to yoga, balance work, and weight training while others to high-intensity and moderate workouts. The results were clear after a period of two years. Those who had been assigned to weight sessions and yoga did not become fitter. However, it had been the opposite for those assigned to four-days-a-week workout: their arteries and hearts were healthier.

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