Stringent Implementation of Regulations for Air Quality Monitoring bolsters Demand for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) meet specific monitoring needs of source emissions. Continuous technology advances made in analyzers and process instrumentation have set the ground for the rapid evolution of the market. Various emissions such as fuel flow, dust, and concentrations of air pollutants must meet certain regulatory guidelines applicable for emission from industrial sources. This has been propelling the demand for CEMS in various countries around the world. The market is driven by the intensifying need for better evaluation of contaminations released into the ambient air due to industrial emissions and fumes gases. Rising awareness about the health and ecological hazards of these emissions is fueling the demand for CEMS.

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The CEMS market is expected to witness a bright prospects. The growth will be supported by several macroeconomic factors including government initiatives and ceaseless technological advances in the equipment. Swift pace of industrialization has put considerable pressure on the performance demands of process instrumentation, thereby boosting the market.

The demand for CEMS deployment has also been receiving a solid boost from substantial governmental thrust in developed nations for reducing the atmospheric levels of harmful pollutants. Initiatives by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for controlling acid rain through the Acid Rain Program is a case in point. Stringent implementation of standards and regulations for air quality monitoring in various parts of North America are expected to bolster the overall market’s prospects.

Promising avenues in the CEMS market must pivot on technological improvements in CEMS. Innovation in sensor technologies has improved the functionalities of continuous emissions monitoring systems and have made them more accurate, reliable, and accurate. In addition, CEMS has become more versatile. Current research and development activities by device manufacturers also focus on portability, which is stirring design innovation.

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