Strides in Textile Industry Boost Transfer Paper Market

Changing fashion trends has propelled new avenues in apparel printing. The drive for transfer paper market stems from the adoption of iron-ons in printing T-shirts. Transfer paper is characteristically coated with pigment and wax. Advances in printing technologies, advent of new ink formulations, advances in printing materials are boosting the transfer paper market.

Key transfer types in the transfer paper market are screen printing transfers, heat transfers, sublimation transfers, and inkjet and laser transfers. Of these, inkjet and laser transfers have witnessed substantial adoption.

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Versatility of Use of Transfer Paper to Textiles Expands Horizon for Market Players

A range of textile materials allows use of transfer paper and related printing techniques. Rise in application of transfer paper for a range of apparels, more recently in sportswear and swimming suits, has spurred revenue generation in the transfer paper market. Thus, the application of transfer paper printing techniques for elastic fabrics has boosted the market.

Steady progress in industrial printing jobs is boosting the generation of new avenues in the transfer paper market. The developing world has been a key revenue generator to the transfer paper market. The demand for unique full color designs in range of wearable has spurred in the utilization of transfer paper in the textile industry. Economies such as India, China, and Korea are at the forefront of opportunity for the regional market.

North America and Europe Have Been Lucrative Markets

However, North America and Europe markets have seen stupendous rise in opportunities over the past few years. The utilization of transfer paper is due to the strides that the textile printing has made in those years.

Growing demand for short-run production and the need for better washability for inkjet transfer paper are factors that underpin advancement of printing devices used in transfer paper.

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