Strides in spatial genomics & transcriptomics market to transform landscape of liver physiology and disease biology

Spatial genomics and transcriptomics have emerged as valuable tools in understanding liver physiology and disease biology. The drive for discovering new therapeutic targets for chronic liver diseases and cancer is a key trend shaping the evolving contours of the spatial genomics and transcriptomics market. The tools show incredible promise in studying rare cells such as liver progenitor cells and non-parenchymal cells in cancer. Strides made in computational analyses have led better characterisation of primary liver cancers. Expanding horizon of immunotherapy and strides made in precision medicine have broadened the canvas for industry stakeholders in the spatial genomics and transcriptomics market. Growing popularity of single-cell RNA sequencing is a key trend bolstering the prospects.

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The focus of creation of high-quality sequencing libraries or cell atlases has stirred the attention of researchers to harness spatial genomics and novel sequencing-based technologies such as spatial transcriptomics. Growing prevalence of chronic diseases and cancers has spurred the number of gene expression studies in tissues, thereby bolstering the expansion of the avenue in the spatial genomics and transcriptomics market.

Need for novel treatment strategies for liver cancer drives prospects

The need for high-quality genomic study for genetic engineering is a key factor propelling the application of next-generation sequencing. A case in point visualizing the RNA molecules at resolution equal or less than 100 μm. Over the years, researchers have been leveraging spatial genomics and transcriptomics for studying heterogeneity within liver cancer and expanding the understanding of the underlying tumour microenvironment. Spatial transcriptomics is likely to pave way to novel treatment strategies for liver cancer. In recent years, new spatial transcriptomic approaches have helped researchers unravel the treatment avenue for genetic diseases.

Strides made in biomedical research in oncology using high-throughput sequencing has expanded opportunities for industries looking to expand the stakes in the market. Some of the key players are Bio-Techne, Fluidigm Corporation, Illumina, and NanoString Technologies.

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