Strides in Root Canal Sealers Market to Boost Long-term Success Of Endodontic Therapies

Root canal sealers are extensively used in endodontic therapies. Improvements in clinical characteristics of endodontic sealers has been crucial in the long-term success. Crucial among them are the prevention of microleakage and reinfection of the root canal. This is a key driver for the evolution of the root canal sealers market.

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Given the marked complexity of root canal system, the choice of the apt root canal sealers is a difficult decision clinicians have to make. The adaptability of a sealer to the dentin is a key aspect to consider. A number of products have emerged to cater to the requirements for end-use applications in the root canal sealers market. The growing array of calcium silicate-based sealers is a case in point. New types of products are garnering the attention of clinicians for their better hadiopaque, zero-shrinkage, insoluble, and hydrophilic properties.

Strength of Endodontically Treated Teeth in Important

A number of in-vitro studies pertaining to the strength of endodontically treated teeth have enriched the landscape of the root canal sealer market. The concerns about dehydration of dentine after endodontic therapy have led to development of root canal sealers that can increase fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth.

A range of root canal sealers with attractive physicochemical properties has propelled the demand in the root canal sealers market. Notable examples include epoxy resin-based sealers and calcium hydroxide (Ca (OH)2)-based root canal sealer. The effect of these sealers on the leakage and recontamination of the root canal system has been extensively studied. The studies are likely to pave way to new, exciting frontiers for players in the root canal sealers market. Extensive efforts have been made by companies to offer biocompatibility and antibacterial activities. Two functional roles that new array of products in the root canal sealers market meet is reducing coronal and apical leakage and improving the outcomes of restorative procedures. In this regard, the next-gen products include bioceramic and MTA-based root canal sealers.

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