Strides in Programmatic Advertising brings Real-time Bidding to the Fore

Real-time bidding has opened a new avenue in programmatic advertising, unlocking a new paradigm in online advertising. It enables buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions by advertisers, and the one who owns the bid gets the space. The process typically uses supply-side platforms and ad exchanges and takes placed in a matter of microseconds.

Real-time bidding is gathering steam among buyers who are keen to unleash demographic targeting for precise effect. The drive for this stems from the need for increasing the effectiveness of ad efficiency. As programmatic advertising techniques gain considerable momentum among companies world over, they will get more acquainted with the benefits of real-time bidding networks. This will underpin the rapid evolution of the global real-time bidding market.

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Advances being made in demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs). Optimizing SSPs and DSPs for greater flexibility will open new avenues in the market. Of the two, SSPs will play a major role in the strategies of advertisers. While each has advantage, consolidating that communication platforms overall will catalyze the growth dynamics of the market.

Advent of Game-changing Tech to disrupt Way Real-time Bidding

Media companies have recently begun unleashing the potential of disruptive technologies for tracking as data consumption in the real-time bidding platform. A case in point is blockchain-tracked media buying for harness the potential of blockchain to support real-time bidding. Such an initiative was unveiled recently by Havas Media in its campaign for Swiggy for Indian consumers. Such initiatives are likely to change the course of the global real-time bidding market.

Google has recently planned to bring ad-tech changes by introducing unified auctions in its online advertisement service brand Google Ad Manager. Expected to bring sweeping changes in the ad- tech industry, this will substantially changes how real-time bidding is employed in its Second-price auctions. With brands focusing on recalibrating their supply strategies, real-time bidding will also see new horizons.

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