Strides in Industrial Automation to Advance Functionality of Valve Controllers

Valve controllers are becoming a key part of industrial automation in various process industries. Digitization of instrumentation has helped drive the recent wave of product innovations in the valve controllers market. Incorporation of contemporary and modern microprocessors and advances in their function over the years have boosted the reliability of processes where valve controlled are used. Thus, the drive for digital valve controllers has set the pace of innovation in the market.

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Emerging Communication Protocols Boost Product Innovation

New product functionalities have also been the result of advances in communication protocols, particularly in digitalized processes in various end-use industries, notably including oil and gas, utility, and food and beverages. Over the years, the water and wastewater treatment facilities have been leveraging valve controllers equipped with new technologies. Together with this, new protocols have also emerged from regulatory frameworks for industrial waste management. The valve controllers market has seen spurt in sales with rising application of valve controllers in the industry.

Manufacturers and product developers are leaning on smart process control mechanism to meet the needs of industries in the backdrop of Industry 4.0 gaining immense momentum in developing economies. Further, there has been demand for process automation in the food and beverages industries in economies of Asia Pacific. However, there exists a lack of industry standard. This has restrained the expansion of the market to an extent. On the other hand, digital valve controllers manufacturers see a vast avenue in the valve controller market. The non-contact feedback and the use of smart processing are features that will attract buyers in the key end-use industries. Rise in automation solutions with digital valve controllers is expanding the avenue in the market.

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A high degree of fragmentation shape the forces of supply in the valve controller market. Some of the top players looking for ambitious stakes in the market are Emerson Electric, Samson Controls, Curtiss Wright Group, Tokyo Keiki, Flowserve Corporation, and Siemens.

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