Still Nascent, Robust Growth on Card for Solar Air Conditioning Market

San Francisco, California, August 22, 2017: Soaring temperature and desire for a comfortable living have escalated the demand for air conditioning. This, coupled with various technological advances introduced over the last few years has aided in growth of the air conditioning market. However, deploying these electronic devices at home or office comes with high price tag. Moreover, the recurring electricity bills have emerged as a cause of concern, compelling consumers to look for more eco-friendly medium of air conditioning. In a report, titled “Solar Air Conditioning Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” TMR Research highlights various factors enabling growth in the market.

The report is intended to help stakeholders gain a holistic overview of the global solar air conditioning market and gauge factors that might pose threat in the forthcoming years. Besides soaring electricity bills, concerns regarding environmental health is impelling consumers around the world to invest in more eco-friendly alternatives, a factors which is giving impetus to the global solar air conditioning market.

The rising use of solar energy for air conditioning has opened a plethora of alternatives. Furthermore, the massive unexploited potential provides lucrative opportunities to the market players. Since, the technology associated with solar air conditioning is relatively new, experts have identified the global solar air conditioning market still to be at a nascent stage. However, vendors and investors alike have shown strong interest in this novel technology. While this could stoke the demand for solar air conditioning, the lack of knowledge about the technology has remained a key hindrance. To counter this, an increasing number of market players have started organizing more customized training programs. Some of them have even started circulating various materials to their target groups. Such campaigns are likely to bode well for the global solar air conditioning market, finds TMR Research.

It is important to note in this regard that small- and medium-sized are yet to get more popular among end users. This is pose a certain degree of barrier in path of further development of the technology. In addition, solar air conditioning comes at a very high cost, as compared to regular air conditioners or cooling appliances. Factors such as lack of financial and technical support, little experience for materialized applications, and inefficient monitoring data could disturb the market’s growth pace in the coming years. Nonetheless, this challenge can be mitigated by uniform planning and increasing awareness. As acceptance of the technology increase among consumers, showcasing an increasing installed application, the market will witness accelerated gains in response.

Besides highlighting the various factors enabling growth, and those restraining the market’s trajectory, the report also profiles some of the leading market players. This analysis is intended to gauge the degree of competition witnessed in the global solar air conditioning market. Some of the companies profiled in the report are Solair World, Vicot Air Conditioning Co. Ltd., Lennox International Inc., Sedna Aire International, and Arka Technologies. Besides this, the market is segmented based on various parameters and the report highlights the various factors boosting growth of the market across these segments.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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