State-of-the Art Lab Equipment in Lifesciences to Spur Laboratory Shaker Market

Laboratory (lab) shakers are extensively used in microbiology and range of life sciences processes. The strides in the lab shakers market have been underpinned by the rising volumes of research in life sciences. One key trend that is bellwether of growth in the lab shaker market is the growing number of drug solubility studies. Drug making companies are harnessing the benefits of performance advancements in lab shakers to ensure reproducibility of results in drug making chemistries.

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Automation a Key Trend

Rise in drug making activities by life sciences companies and by contract research organizations are key to expanding use of lab shakers. The trend of using automated mixing lab equipment has carved out new avenues for stakeholders in the lab shaker market. Further, a great deal of drug making is bolstered and fueled by the growing incidence of chronic diseases.

Pharma companies are investing in research that involves the substantial use of automated lab mixing equipment along with lab shakers. This has spurred the demand for lab shakers. Technological advances in lab shakers also come from the need for automating the process to meet large-volume demand.

Rise in Yeast and Bacterial Cultures in Developing World Boosting Demand

A growing body of research in life sciences around the world has been adopting lab shakers in making chemical extractions, such as for yeast and bacterial cultures. The rising use of these in healthcare diagnostics has also boosted the prospects in the market. A new avenue has come from the demand for high-end lab shakers for making DNA extractions more effective.

Rise in demand for orbital lab shakers in microbiology has also added a significant share to revenue generation for key companies offering state-of-the art equipment. The presence of several players competing against one another has rendered the competitive dynamics more fragmented. Numerous top players are leaning on versatile solutions to meet the requirements in microbiology.  

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