Startup Aims to Open New Way for Immunotherapy in Cancer

The cell-based immunotherapies have presented impactful results to the patients suffering from cancer along with other various preferences. But, the expensive and complex process of creating these therapies has limited this field. However, many companies still believe that it could be a powerful procedure and it will have effective leading edge of the medicine.

A biotechnology company, SQZ, is using the unconventional method to expand the immunotherapy by easing the method of the engineering immune cells. The founder of SQZ revealed that the company developed simple technique by attracting the cells so that it could be penetrated using particular molecules to see complete suits of cells functions, which can be also possible with the gene therapy process that includes massive investment in this field.

A pharmaceuticals company, Roche collaborated with the SQZ and together accounting for 1 billion for drug development process. The company is largely focused to start clinical trials on a treatment that targets positive tumor of human papillomavirus (HPV). These treatments will also be used for autoimmune diseases which include Type 1 diabetes.

Company Discovers Simple Way to Engineer Antigen-Presenting Cells for Cancer Therapy

The company believes that clinical trials will be needed for testing the technology. The company also revealed that these two clinical trials are just the start of progress in this direction in medical science. The company has developed a platform for engineering antigen presenting cells (APCs) to train T-cells to cancerous growth of the cell.

The partnership between the companies helps SQZ to invest more on research and development activities and also in granting license to the other research companies. Furthermore, the main motive behind the clinical trial is to facilitate impactful result to the patients suffering from the chronic disease. The long term vision of the SQZ is conducting clinical trials on cell-based therapeutics across various disease types.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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