Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Launches its Biggest Rocket

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. or SpaceX as it is known as in the business world has fired up its biggest and newest rocket in a pivotal launch pad test of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration last Wednesday, making a much and long expected advancement towards a test flight and that too in just a week.

The Falcon 9 is Expected to Haul NASA Crew by this Year End

The Falcon Heavy roared quite shortly to life for the very first time at the Kennedy Space Center of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA. All of the three boosters i.e. all of the 27 engines were tested in all. The roaring booms of the Falcon Heavy could be heard at three miles away, at the site of the press. Large white clouds of the engine exhaust swelled out into the blue sky with everything around seemed to be quite normal: The rocket that stood tall at 70 meter of 230-foot has been spotlessly white even after the test on such a historic pad that was once used for the launch of NASA’s space shuttles and Apollo moon rockets.

Elon Musk, chief executive of SpaceX, made a statement after an hour of the launch and said that the firing of the rocket remained good. Taking to his twitter handle he described the firing to have generated a thunderhead of steam and would be launching in a week or so.

The firing that took place on Wednesday’s seemed to have lasted for around 10 seconds.

The Falcon Heavy is a triple-size version of Falcon 9 which is the frequent flier of SpaceX and it is custom-made for spacecraft that is headed to the planet Mars or the moon. It is also headed towards extra-big satellites that are bound for low-Earth orbit.

The Falcon 9 is regularly utilized for the purpose of hoisting space station cargo and satellites. It is also expected that it might transport crews for NASA too by the end of this year.

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