Sortation Systems Market Latest Trends and Future Opportuinities Analysis Report

Distributors and wholesalers are finding it difficult to make informed decisions about their operations owing to the exponential growth of stock keeping units (SKUs). This necessitates a more efficient use of technology, equipment, and labor. Space limitations, efficiency of labor, and savings of cost are the primary factors driving the demand for automated material handling systems. There has been an ever-increasing number of available goods in today’s competitive landscape, as well as demand for smaller and more deliveries. Order accuracy can be improved by half a percent to several percentage points by automating operations of distribution, which is likely to support expansion of the global sortation systems market in near future.

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During the forecast timeframe, the existence of several long-standing vendors is projected to intensify competitive rivalry. There are a few key market players who have had significant impact on the overall global sortation systems market.  However, the emphasis on innovation pertaining to material handling system as part of the ‘smart logistics’ phenomenon, as well as substantial investment made in this sector to reinforce their stances as innovation and technology leaders in materials handling, are assisting them in their growth. All of this is done to accommodate the ‘Industry 4.0′ trend.

Increased Automation of Operations in North America to Offer Lucrative growth Opportunities

A sortation system (hardware) combines, recognizes, inducts, distinguishes, and transports goods to specific locations.  Conveyors and sortation systems find use in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, retail, post and parcel, food and beverage, and airport to make wholesale, retail, and manufacturing distribution more profitable. 

In North America, automating warehouse and order fulfillment operations has proven to be the most effective approach for achieving fiscal goals and supply chain efficiency whilst optimizing levels of customer service. These factors are likely to work in favor of the global sortation systems market in years to come. Companies across North America are continuing to increase order accuracy by half a percent to several percentage points by opting for automation of distribution operations. Businesses that are opting for automation are likely to observe a measurable increase in service levels and a substantial decrease in cost of operational costs , both of which have an instantaneous impact on overall profitability and a longstanding positive impact on growth of the market share.

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