Software-Defined Storage Market See High Uptake from Smart Security Devices

Software-defined storage, or SDS is one of the new trends in technology storage for companies. As the use of SDS enables cost savings, companies move slowly to software-defined storage while improving performance and increasing flexibility. Further, SDS is able, in terms of capital and operating expense, to separate storage software from hardware by reducing the storage costs.

SDS delivers storage devices as a software layer from which the underlying hardware can be concerned. These solutions eliminate the need to manually configure the operational process of the data center defined by the software. Big data and network file systems integration and quick provision of analytic applications streamline unstructured business intelligence management data.

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Convenience in Entertainment to Propel Growth

In terms of capital costs and operating costs, SDS is able to separate storage software from hardware and thus reduce storage costs. Software-determined storage is also available to storage hardware vendors, including IBM, Dell, and NetApp. The way SDS is used in end-user industries is shaped by associations (such as the Association of Storage Network Industry (SNIA), which establishes standards for the corporate warehouse industry).

A huge amount of data produced daily by industrial, commercial and residential consumers requires a reliable data storage system, so that critical data is not lost. The software-defined storage benefits indirectly with the consistent improvement to software apps in terms of use and ease of learning, along with the development of high-speed computers.

North America to Generate High Growth Revenue

North America emerges as the fastest growing market, with higher demand for smart security devices and the most important players in the region, including NetApp and Del, expected to be the biggest by the end of the forecast period. In the second and third largest market for software storage solutions Europe and Asia Pacific follow the North American market.

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Prominent vendors in the global software-defined storage market are Fujitsu, IBM, EMC Corporation, Dell, and HPE.

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