Sodium Peroxide Market: Numerous End-Use Application to Encourage Market Growth

Transparency Market Research has added new report bearing the title “Sodium Peroxide Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024” to its archive of repository of market research reports. It makes an exploration and study of the global vendor landscape of the sodium peroxide market.

Sodium peroxide is an inorganic compound and it comes with the molecular formula of Na2O2. It is also known by other names such as disodium dioxide, sodium dioxide, solozone, and disodium peroxide. It is available in the form of a yellowish, white colored granular solid which comes without any odor. It exists in many different forms of hydrates and peroxyhydrates such as Na2O2·2H2O2·4H2O, Na2O2·2H2O2, Na2O2·2H2O, and Na2O2·8H2O. It can be dissolved in cold water and is associated with the evolution of heat. It is extensively utilized as a bleaching agent, laboratory chemical, disinfectant, and for the production of many other chemicals. It is a well-known strong base that is used widely for industrial and formulation applications.

The limitations that sodium peroxide comes with can prove to be restraints for the world market for sodium peroxide. However, it can be overcome by making use of proper precautions and assigning trained and skilled personnel to handle the chemical. sodium peroxide has many end-use industrial applications. It is used as a substitute of perchloric acid as an oxidizing agent for analytical purposes. It is also used in paper and textile industry as it can bleach wood pulp. It is used widely for obtaining minerals from the mineral ores. Oxygen is evolved when sodium peroxide is reacted with carbon dioxide so as to obtain sodium carbonate, hence being useful in scuba gears and submarines. It is being used extensively in laboratories as a reagent for quantitative analysis of compounds like chromium, sulfur, and arsenic. It can also be utilized for the separation of manganese from zinc, nickel, and cobalt. Many of the applications of sodium peroxide are prominent drivers for the world market for sodium peroxide at present and also in the near future. 

Taking regional segments into consideration, the world market for Sodium Peroxide can be divided into the geographies of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is anticipated to be a developing market for sodium peroxide as it is an efficient agent for bleaching which is useful in the paper and textile industry. China, Japan, India, and ASEAN countries are forecasted to experience a steady growth rate in the market in the period of forecast. Increase in chemical industries at present is expected to bolster the demand for sodium peroxide in various regions such as South America. However, on the other hand, North America and Europe are expected to witness a steady growth in the market.

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Major players operating in the world market for sodium peroxide comprise names such as Tianjin Kemiou Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd, Alpha Aesar, AkzoNobel, Beijing Huawei Ruike Chemical Company Limited, Solvay S.A, and Beijing Universal Century Technology Co., Ltd.

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