Soaring Demand for Effective Detection of Cancer to Boost Market

Infrared cameras are specifically developed for military applications. For decades, this infrared imaging technology was restricted to academia, military and defense, and several niche markets. However, rapid developments in uncooled infrared imaging technology combined with the availability of reasonably priced infrared cameras are the major factors responsible for the commercialization of the infrared imaging market.

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Infrared cameras have gained popularity in a wide range of applications such as industrial imaging, firefighting, surveillance, and security. All such USPs are also majorly fueling growth in the global infrared imaging market. Along with this, availability of low-priced Long Wave Infrared imaging has a positive bearing on the rapid penetration of the infrared imaging technology in surveillance and security. Moreover, infrared imaging technology plays a crucial role in providing night-vision option, especially in automobile industry. All such advantages are further propelling expansion in the global infrared imaging market.

Rising Applications in Several Surgical Operations to Foster Market’s Growth

Besides all, infrared imaging is extensively used in airports during the epidemic’s outbreak such as swine flu, Severe Acutmarkete Respiratory Syndrome, and Ebola for screening and identifying travelers with increased body temperatures. Additionally, infrared imaging also helps in identifying the tissue damage site in case of severe injuries. Therefore, such technology helping the medicine field to a high extent. All such factors are also boosting the global infrared imaging market.

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Hyper spectral imaging and spectral imaging are the key opportunity domains which are responsible for the expansion of the global infrared imaging market. Rising use of infrared imaging in oil and gas and automotive industries are also contributing demand in the global infrared imaging market. Along with this, infrared imaging is widely used in healthcare industry for detecting cancer. Therefore, growing population suffering from cancer and soaring demand for effective diagnosis of depression, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia are also positive influencing the growth of the global infrared imaging market.

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