Soaring Adoption in Food Industry to Propel Sodium Bicarbonate Market

Sodium bicarbonate in food and beverages and livestock feed is commonly used as baking soda. A high level of bodily acid consumption, resulting in several health problems is increasing by grain, dairy, sugar, meat and fish products. Using baked soda, commonly referred to as sodium bicarbonate in the food and beverage industry, neutralizes body acidity and reduces the risk of various diseases including arthritis, digestive disturbance, heartburn and stomach upheaval.

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Increasing industrial and population growth and population change are the main factors that contribute to positive sodium bicarbonate growth globally. It will also have a positive effect on the growth of the market in sodium bicarbonate during the projected period to extend government health programs across developing countries.

Food Industry to Drive Sodium Bicarbonate Market

In addition, sodium bicarbonate is used to produce food coloring agents and food color gels because of the stabilizing and anti-caking properties. With the growing preference for comfort food, the demand for baked and fried food will increase in future years. The need for sodium bicarbonate in the food and drink industry will be driven further. This rising demand from the food and beverage industry and the growth of the detergent industry will speed up the market for sodium bicarbonates.

Use in Agriculture to Emerge as Key Trend

With a growing population worldwide, the agricultural industry is growing enormously, leading to a rise in crops to feed so much populations that are in turn driving the market for agrochemical industries. The natural bleaching agent in different agrochemicals such as pesticides, insecticides and others is sodium bicarbonate. Increased agricultural activities will therefore encourage demand for agrochemicals which, over the forecast period, will generate significant revenue in the global sodium bicarbonate market.

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Key vendors operating in the global sodium bicarbonate market are Tosoh Corporation, Solvay Specialty Polymers USA, Natural Soda, LLC, Blastrite, and Crystal Mark, Inc.

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