Skin Cancer Treatments to find Use for other Forms of the Disease

According to findings of a study, silica nanocapsule could enable treatments for deadly diseases. These nanocapsules that use light to kill cancerous or precancerous skin cells could also be used to treat other types of cancer. The results of the finding are featured on the cover of the 26th issue of the journal of the Royal Society Chemical Science.

In practice, photodynamic therapies (PDT) refer to treatments that employ visible light to kill cancerous or precancerous cells. The therapy involves bringing abnormal tissue into the contact with a light-sensitive and light-activated medication before it is exposed to light. This triggers a chemical reaction that releases reactive oxygen species to fight the diseases cells.

Meanwhile, current treatments involve injecting the medication into the unhealthy tissue. However, the injection works if tumors are under or on the skin, such as in skin cancer.

Phototherapies to find Use for treatment of few types of Cancer

The research team found a way for this limitation. Using this method, phototherapies can be used to treat other types of cancer also. Using silica nanoparticles, doctors can use near-infrared light that penetrates further down in the tissue. The nanoparticles transform near-infrared light into visible light, which triggers a chemical reaction and discharges reactive oxygen species. In a way, this implies, the capsule is reinforced that transports the treatment for maligned cells and expands the versatility of PDT.

“And, the nano superhero is more effective and stronger, even inside the body,” explained one of the associates of the finding in reference to the cover illustration on the journal that depicts the team’s discovery.

An effort of a team of chemists, an oncologist, and magnetic resonance imaging experts, the new way of selectively covering light-sensitive medication in a nanocapsules could benefit for diagnosis and treatment.

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