Simplicity, Specificity, and Clinical Sensitivity of Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Underlies Popularity

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) has grown in popularity due to its relatively high specificity and selectivity in DNA amplification methods. This has spurred its demands in pathogen detection in processes food, helping businesses in food industry to tide in losses due to food spoilage. Two compelling propositions bolstering the popularity of LAMP are its potential to generate results in low-resource settings and the rapid throughput possible with that.

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Need for low-cost technologies for rapid detection of food pathogens over the past few years has become more intense. A reason for this is the huge losses associated with spoilt food products. More importantly, contaminated food products such as fruits can be fatal to human health, unarguably.  The LAMP market has seen researchers expending their energy to develop new LAMP methods that can help businesses prevent fungal spoilage of heat-processed food. The problem has assumed proportions in developing and developed worlds.

LAMP as Attractive Method for Reducing Food Spoilage Caused by Heat-resistant Fungi

Heat-resistant fungi has also been an economic burden for the agricultural industry around the world. The recent drive for the LAMP market stems from this unmet need. What is worse, most fungi are resistant to fungicides and/or antibiotics. Growing focus of food and beverages industries on consumer health has further accentuated this gap. Governments and industry players are seeking better strategies to ensure HRF-free heat-processed products. Investigators of the potential of the technology in recent years have been successful in increasing the clinical sensitivity and specificity of LAMP technology. Tellingly, this has led to the advent of versatile and adaptable technologies for pathogen detection for food products in the LAMP market. New approaches incorporate better biomarkers to overcome the shortcomings of LAMP detection in various applications.

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