Significant Rise in Application of Ransomware Protection in Numerous Industries Accelerating Market’s Growth

In today’s world, where use of advanced technologies has grown significantly and changed the very traditional work pattern, also helped in witnessing numerous threat due to rise in these technologies. Phishing, ransomware, and other similar attacks have grown massively and have affected millions of people. One of the biggest attack was experienced in 2017, when WannaCry malware attack happened affected over 100,000 computers worldwide. To secure data from all these ill effect on the internet, various antivirus have been updated and other use of other secure measure have also increased. Ransomware protection is one such way to that helps in averting online malicious activities. Use of ransomware protection is high in BFSI, healthcare, education, defense, and government sectors.

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Impact of Ransomware on the Growth of Crypto-Currencies

Rise of crypto-currencies has also increased online threats in the financial sector. A year ago, significant rise in the price of bitcoin was quite evident and people across the globe invested in it. This made bitcoin one of the leading crypto-curreny. However, few months down the line, massive speculation was seen and huge price variation was seen in bitcoin. Besides, growth of other crypto-currencies was also seen. Growing acceptance of crypto currencies across the globe by large organization and other regional and local enterprises increased the faith in this disruptive technology. Disruptive technologies have brought revolution in the payment mechanism and currency. Ransomware attacks have also adversely affected in the growth of crypto-currencies, as cybercriminals are now demanding their victims to pay in crypto-currency, mostly in bitcoin. This is so as they need them to pay for delivery of a decryption key, which is high crucial for the holder.  Various research has disclosed that such attacks cost millions through ransomware victims. Therefore, to minimize the attack the need for ransomware protection is increasing massively across the globe.  

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