Severity of Needle Pricks – With Awareness Evolves Market Growth of Retractable Variants

The global retractable safety syringe market is set to see notable growth over the coming decade. The steady CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) will generate ample growth opportunities for keeping the market players interested and will simultaneously contribute to increasing the market worth in the same period.

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To understand what is driving this growth it is important to understand why these retractable variants are critical in healthcare landscape. One, injuries caused by needle sticks can be sharp. And, often in the past, these have led to severe consequences. Healthcare workers have often found themselves at the helm of these unfortunate accidents. And, as a result they have found themselves at the brunt of transmission of viruses – sometimes deadly. For instance, some of the most significant transmissions include those of – Hepatitis, both B and C strains, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Sometimes, these are a consequence of syringe resuse.

As gathered by this information, need for retractable variants was a result of these developments. A lot many health agencies and health activists have cried for these and demanded them urgently.

Ad per World Health Organization (WHO), about three million healthcare workers (HCW) have been exposed to these pathogens (blood-borne) as a result of being exposed to such percutaneous trespass of needles. Also, there is Center for Disease Control and Prevention, know by the acronym, CDC, recently disclosed a gory picture of needle prick injuries and their severity. And, it is pertinent to point out here that it is not just developing nations that face the occupational hazard full throttle but also developed nations. The United Kingdom, for instance, demonstrated sizeable mortality as a consequence of such accidents.

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This unmet and urgent need is what is all set to contribute to the growth of global retractable safety syringe market. And, this is creating untapped opportunities for players to make the most of.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

As Head of Marketing at TMR Research, Rohit brings to the table over a decade of experience in market research and Internet marketing. His dedication, perseverance, and passion for perfection have enabled him to achieve immense success in his field. Rohit is an expert at formulating new business plans and strategies to help boost web traffic. His interests lie in writing news articles on technology,healthcare and business.

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