Severe Trauma Patients with Blood Type O at Higher Risk of Death, finds Study

Involving 901 Japanese emergency care patients, as per the findings of a research published in Critical Care open access journal, severe trauma patients with blood type O could have a high death rate. When compared to patients with other types of blood, a higher death rate was found to be linked with blood type O. A whopping 28% death rate was found to be in blood type O patients while only 11% in other blood type ones, according to researchers at Japan’s Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Corresponding author, Dr. Wataru Takayama said that they wanted to test the hypothesis whether blood type difference could affect trauma survival. According to Takayama, one of the potential risk factor for hemorrhage could be blood type O as suggested in latest studies.

Lower Levels of von Willebrand Factor Linked to Higher Levels of Hemorrhage

In comparison with trauma patients having other blood types, those with blood type O were found to show poorer levels of a blood clotting agent named von Willebrand factor, which could be associated with higher hemorrhage risks. This could also be a possible explanation for greater death rates in blood type O patients. The ability of emergency transfusion of type O red blood cells to severe trauma patients to affect homeostasis has been questioned by the results of the study, and if it is different for other blood types. However, the results need to be further investigated and more research is required to recommend best severe trauma treatment.

Moreover, it needs to be further researched whether the findings also apply for ethnic groups other than Japanese. Besides this, since only non-O blood type was compared to type O in the study, the effect of individual blood types, i.e. A, B, and AB on patient survival may have been diluted.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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