Several Infusion Pumps at a Risk of Hijacking

Infusion pumps have emerged as vital medical devices for the healthcare industry. Patients who cannot consume oral medicines use infusion pumps to administer medicines. The rising incidence of chronic diseases that cause eating discomfort has led to the popularity of infusion pumps. With improvements in the field of healthcare electronics, several new types of infusion pumps have gained traction.

Further, the resilience and self-adjusting abilities of these pumps are key considerations for the buyers. However, infusion pumps are not flawless in their outlay and functions. A team of analysts at CyberMDX have discovered critical security threats in infusion pumps installed across medical facilities. Besides, the security analysts and researchers assert that fringe elements can hijack these infusion pumps. They pointed to infusion pumps developed by Bector Dickinson.

Vulnerability of Infusion Pumps

The security researchers believe that infusion pumps docked by Alaris Gateway Workstation can be easily hijacked and controlled. The use of infusion pumps for administering fluid medications makes them extremely vital for intravenous treatments. Furthermore, these pumps can replace insulin syringes and painkillers for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Hence, the vulnerability of infusion pumps to security risks is a matter of serious concern.

Cyber Attacks on Medical Technology

Researchers explain that the hackers could intrude through the onboard computer’s firmware to control infusion pumps. The computer is responsible for powering and monitoring the infusion pumps. Hence, the research in question has raised several eyebrows across the medical as well as security sectors. It would be interesting to see the recourse that the medical fraternity takes post this research.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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