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Servo motors and drives are gathering traction in automation. They are used extensively in conveyor belts, robotics, and camera focus. Advancements in servomechanism have allowed manufacturers of servo motors and drives to improve the precision of the technologies.

Growing number of automation processes in manufacturing semiconductors is one of the key trends shaping consumer propositions in the servo motors and drives market. These are used in synchronizing motion control in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Over the years, various products have seen a high pace of commercialization in other industrial and manufacturing sectors. A growing numbers of specialists in energy management and automation are leaning on expanding their product portfolio to meet the industrial demand in the market. A case in point is the product line of Schneider Electric SE.

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Top Players to Customize Their Offering; Automotive Key Industry

The differing power requirements of end-use applications has led players in the servo motors and drives to customize their offering. A growing number of players are focusing on versatility to meet the demand in numerous applications that need varying motor characteristic. The advent of converged internet-of-things technologies in manufacturing sectors has paved way to a new avenue, expanding the canvas for manufacturers and sellers. Further, advancements in regard to electronics components is also one of the contours of product innovation in the market. The focus on using motors that can optimize the use of energy has also led to constant improvisations. The increasing trend of manufacturing industries over the years in some of the developing economies is a key trend in the market.

Some of the prominent markets for servo motors and drives are China, France, the U.K., GCC, and India. Among the various key industries, a remarkably lucrative avenue is the automotive industry. Extensive utilization of motors in automotives is a key factor for the sizable demand in the industry.

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