Senior Citizens – A Device that Calls an Ambulance during Emergency!

A little more than 19% of the total population in the European Union is geriatric. And, the number will gradually rise in the years to come. For most senior citizens security and health are the two prime worries. While technology has nearly attended to the first problem, here’s a solution that tends to the second issue.

Researchers from Kaunas Institute of Technology have developed a device that alerts emergency contacts in case of a medical emergency. Not just that, it also calls an ambulance. The device aims at monitoring senior citizen’s health and alert during emergency.

How does it Work?

The device is the size of two match boxes mounted on a collar. It is an assembly of sensors that detect motion and position of the user. Further, researchers claim that it is accurate up to 1 meter, and hence in case of an emergency, contacts know the exact location.

On the other hand, the device is also durable and comes at an affordable price, claim the scientists. Further, it is this quality of the device that is likely to make it stand out from others in the market. What’s more interesting is its battery life. Scientists claim that the device lasts for three weeks when charged for 24 hours. Further, it also comes with an alarm system indicating low battery.

However, the device is not free of flaws. There are issues with the device falsely recognizing patient falls. To tackle this, scientists have included a button that shuts-off emergency alarm, preventing false alerts.

Further, scientists have tested this device for hospital conditions and now claim that it is suitable for use at home.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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