Semi-Liquid Anodes can Make More Efficient Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

The use of rechargeable batteries spans across a wide purview of industries. Lithium is the most commonly-used constituent of these batteries. Scientists and researchers have sought ways of optimizing the performance and efficiency of these batteries.

A series of breakthroughs in the field of battery engineering have come to the fore in recent times. Further, the domain of battery design is also garnering attention from the research fraternity. As a result, the availability of lithium batteries is a key consideration for gauging the growth of industries.

A research at Carnegie Mellon University unravelled a new class of metal-based anodes of lithium. Mellon College of Science and the College of Engineering have developed semi-liquid anodes for manufacturing efficient batteries. Also, Joule, the multidisciplinary research journal, published the findings of the research.

Safety of Lithium Batteries

The use of a new electrode type for manufacturing lithium batteries could enhance performance efficiency. Further, deploying lithium foil anode makes the batteries safer and more resilient. The popularity of lithium-based batteries for recharging has played a key role in inspiring such researches. These batteries are used in modern electronics due to their ability to store abundant energy. Furthermore, the separation of the cathode and anode enables the batteries to operate seamlessly.

Use of Dendrites

Dendrites are strands of lithium that are present inside rechargeable batteries. These strands facilitate communication between the cathode and anode. The dendrites break through the membrane of the battery to establish a pathway between the two electrodes. This research is projected to unravel new avenues within the field of lithium-based batteries.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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