A Security Vulnerability Stopped By Researchers from the Georgia Institute

Recently, a cybersecurity researcher from the Georgia Institute of Technology blocked a security vulnerability that might have assisted the hackers to take encryption keys from a popular security package. In this process, the hackers can get the keys by listening to an unintentional side channel signals with the help of smartphones. The attackers benefitted by using the programme that was initially used to provide better security.

OpenSSL is one of the most popular encryption program that is used for signature authentication and for various secured interactions on websites. Among the new version of OpenSSL that are not reliant on the cache organization or timing these side channel attack are the first of it’s from that can retrieve secret information from an encrypted key. Wherein the attack showed that with the help of single recording of a cryptography key trace that is enough to break 2048 bits of private RSA key.

As, the side channel attacks has the capacity to derive sensitive information from signals created with the help of electromagnetic signals with the help of phone. These devices can be easily used as they are portable and cost less than a dollar.

As analyzed, the attack take signals in a relatively narrow band around the phones. Where the attackers have advantage due to uniformity in programing that aims to reduce previous vulnerabilities mainly related to variations as how the programs works.

Furthermore, after effective portal of attack on phones and embedded system board that all used ARM processors, the researchers for this vulnerability presented a solution. Thus, this fix will be adopted in the versions of software that are going to be made from May.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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