Security Considerations while Buying IoT Devices

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has pervaded across a wide range of industries. The seamlessness, accuracy, and efficiency of IoT technology is responsible for its popularity. However, it is worthy to consider the ill-effects and vulnerabilities that arise from the use of IoT technologies. It is natural to believe that consumers take adequate steps to ensure security of IoT devices. However, this assertion is far from true as the consumers rarely consider security aspects while making purchases. A recent study conducted by the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University testified the aforementioned consumer-inclination. CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University became the origin of this study that made notable assertions. Privacy risks have been on a rise over the past decade as use of IoT devices increases.

Buyer Experiences and Feedback

A number of participants in the sample survey gave valued feedback based on their experiences. Several people believe that they would have made more informed buying decisions if they knew of the risks. Out of a sample of 24 individuals, 10 were males and 14 were females. Further, the average age of the participants was 36 years, and most participants had recently bought an IoT device.

Premise of Survey

The survey asked the participants a number of questions about the reasons the influenced their choice of purchase. Furthermore, the survey avoided questions related to security risks to prevent response-bias.

Once security concerns related to IoT devices were introduced during the interview, the participants made worthy resolutions. Further, a number of participants revealed their willingness to spend a premium price to get products with improve security.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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