Seaweed Extract May Benefit Produce New Drugs

The use of antimicrobial drugs in chronic disease therapeutics has known disadvantages’ for using antimicrobial drugs in the form of modernized treatment for treating infectious diseases. This is on the accounts of shifting patterns of side effects and resistance in pathogens. The changing resistance levels in pathogens and side effect patterns are responsible for the same. On this account, there is a growing movement towards enhancing antimicrobial drugs. This is carried out by upgrading pharmacokinetic properties through continuous study and research. Consequently, one such development is the introduction of seaweed in research.

In most parts of the globe, seaweeds are in use as conventional medicines. Firstly, the development of traditional antimicrobial drug by seaweed was first became known in early 1917. Recently, scientists have discovered a family of bacteria that lives in seaweed, Actinobacteria that might contain anticancer and antimicrobial properties. It is believed that microbes as bacteria are a reason of ailment, however, human being host billions of microbes that are vital for life.

Actinobacterial Extracts Found to Inhibit Harmful Bacteria Growth

In the past few years, the rising problem of drug resistance motivates researchers to explore for new alternative drugs. This leads to the discovery of new microbes, Actinobacteria. These microorganisms are present in both water and soil. Further, actinobacteria plays an important in the aquatic world, for reprocessing of biomaterials and the manufacture of compounds.

The latest research on drug resistance in Microbiology discovers a seaweed species known as Laminaria ochroleuca. This species is rich in source of Actinobacteria through which researchers can produce new drugs that contains anticancer and antimicrobial. About 50% of the 20,000+ microorganism drugs presently known originate from Actinobacteria. These bacteria arise mainly from the seafloor sediments; however, they can still be alive and reside inside seaweed. This large amount of microorganisms present in the ocean could be a significant advantage for researchers.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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