Seam Welding Machine Market – Growth Factors and Impact of COVID-19

The seam welding machine market is estimated to gain tremendous growth prospects across the assessment period of 2020-2030. The growing demand form end-user industries like consumer durables, building and infrastructure, transportation, oil and gas, and others will bring immense growth opportunities. The expanding usage of seam welding machines in metal working industries to weld metals at a consistent pace will bring exponential growth during the forecast period.

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Seam welding can be defined as a method that helps in blending two similar metals together. When forced together. It leads to the formation of a homogenous welded assembly. The benefits of seam welding make them a preferred option among many applications. These factors bode well for the seam welding machine market growth.

Based on mode, the seam welding machine market can be segmented into continuous seam welding and intermittent seam welding. Manual seam welding machine, automatic seam welding machine, and semi-automatic seam welding machine are vital product types. Wide wheel seam, foil butt seam welding, narrow wheel seam, mash seam welding, and consumable wire seam welding are the types bifurcated based on wheel-contact.

Development of Seam Welding Machines in Tandem with Industrial Standards to Boost Growth Opportunities

Manufacturers in the seam welding machine market are paying attention on developing seam welding machines that are in compliance with the required standards set for industries by numerous countries. These factors will help in the overall development of the seam welding machine market. In addition, strict workplace regulations in the context of workplace safety will bring tremendous growth opportunities.

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Seam Welding Machine Market: COVID-19 Impact

The seam welding machine market is substantially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The growing transmission levels forced many countries to impose strict curbs, which ruined the growth prospects of the seam welding machine market expansively. However, the relaxation in lockdown curbs will help in bringing stable growth. 

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