Scientists Vie to Protect ‘Smart City’ from Cyber Threats

Among a number of cities actively participating in the Smart city program, St. Petersburg is one. The scope of the program is to provide new services for residents of the megalopolis and increase the safety of citizens. However, a robust digital infrastructure and digital services are essential for such a system.

In fact, due to IoT, the ambient environment of a smart city can adapt to the needs of humanity on its own. The threats of cyber-security are especially high for such an infrastructure.

Following a research initiative, experts at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University have developed a methodology to assess cyber risks in intelligent systems of a Smart City. The new methodology was tested on smart crossroads test bench. The results of the research are published in the scientific publication ‘Machines’.

Importantly, experts note that now, for the new goal, cybercriminals are trying to disrupt the functioning of large enterprises, urban infrastructure, and also intercept control over them. The attackers that use wireless links invade remotely into the target device or subnet, intercept traffic, launch denial of service attacks, and take control of IoT devices to develop botnets.

Meanwhile, at the present, traditional cyber risk analysis is not compatible to be applied in the construction and evaluation of digital infrastructures in a Smart City. This is because the new network infrastructure is dynamic and heterogeneous. The goal of the project is to ensure security level of the information assets considering the details of modern day cyber threats.

Summarizing, the experts developed the methodology for analyzing cybersecurity risks, including the stages to identify asset types.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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