Scientists used new tool to improve the quality of Barley

Beyond genetic engineering – CRISPR, a genetic tool could be used to improve the quality of barley very rapidly, shows a team of international scientists. Meanwhile, genetic engineering allows altering some characteristics of various organisms. Genetic engineering is particularly important in agriculture, as it can improve yields, increase resistance of crops and make them less dependent on pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful for the environment.

In terms of use, barley is quite important as it finds use in the production of various food products. Beta-glucan which is one of the more advantageous substances in barley, is a source of fermentable dietary fiber that prevents various human health conditions. However, lower levels of beta-glucan in barley is preferred for brewing and distilling.

Featuring multiple Uses, CRISPR to enable rich variety of Barley

CRISPR is a very useful gene-editing instrument. Some call it ‘gene scissors’ as it enables chopping unwanted pieces of an organism’s genome and replacing with something more useful. CRISPR finds use in a number of fields – from production of food crops to medicine. CRISPR will find use among plant breeders to deliver new plant varieties, opine scientists.

Furthermore, CRISPR now finds use to alter beta-glucan levels in barley. This could result in cultivation of crops that are rich in beta-glucan, and are also suitable for brewing and distilling. To alter beta-glucan levels in barley, scientists employed a reverse genetics approach in members of the gene superfamily. This approach not only improves grain quality, but also allows scientists to introduce some specific changes that would be desired by some specific industries that use barley. This implies, plant breeders will be able to cultivate specialized barley for bread, beer, and other products.

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