Scientists Morph Blood Vessels to Blood Stem Cells

Scientists have uncovered a switch that can direct blood vessel cells to turn into blood stem cells in the process of development of embryo in mice. Leveraging the single-cell technology, the scientists from Cambridge and Rome found two particular factors in the cells act against one another. Once the balance shifts, free blood cells are formed from the vascular tube cells.

The Transition Can be Brought about during Embryonic Development

The research could generate new blood cells for transplants and for comprehending progress of cancer. Blood cells and vessels emerge from stem cells present in the embryo. Actually, blood stem cells which spawn all kinds of blood cells, develop from the vascular cells that are present in the walls of blood vessels. The method occurs in birds, fish, and mammals, and is crucial for building of blood cells. But it is still unclear as to when such vascular cells morph into blood stem cells.

To comprehend the procedure for the development of blood cells, the researchers have examined seven factors called transcription factors. They are crucial in blood cancers, which uses a solid new technology known as cell transcriptomics.

Scientists found that in mouse embryo cells, transitioning between blood cells and vascular cells, the 7 factors occurred together. They installed different combinations of the 7 transcription factors into ESCs (embryonic stem cell lines), to create embryonic blood development in the dish. They uncovered that the factors divide suddenly into different sets. One of them supports the fate of the vascular cell. The other the blood program.

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