Scientists Develop Improved Space Assistant with ‘Emotional’ Intelligence

MGerman Aerospace Center (DLR), Airbus, and IBM have collectively developed an AI-powered astronaut assistant.  Meanwhile, the assistant named ‘CIMON’ returned to international space with improved ability to decipher human emotions. The researchers believe that CIMON could help in several space missions and commutes. Besides, the individual is not just a scientific assistant but an ‘empathetic companion’ for astronauts, assert researchers. In addition, the researchers worked upon the assistant after its first space mission, and improved its performance and scope. CIMON’s primary model spent 14 months in space, and CIMON-2 has been launched for its first space commute. Meanwhile, the scientists got important cues from the first space mission that helped them develop CIMON-2.

 Understanding CIMON

 Meanwhile, CIMON-1 was launched from the International Space Station (ISS), and returned to the earth in August. Furthermore, On 4th December, the Kennedy Space Center launched CIMON-2. The assistant is heading to the desired space station, and has been launched on a SpaceX rocket. CIMON expands to Crew Interactive Mobile Companion with the intent to help astronauts with multiple tasks. The voice-controlled floating boat can read out manuals and give voice responses to astronauts. Furthermore, it can also record images and display key instructions with a ‘smile’ on its screen face. CIMON-1 was launched for the International Space Station in November 2018.

 Supremacy of CIMON-2 over CIMON-1

 CIMON-1 was able to control research modules, record videos, capture images, and debunk key challenges. CIMON-2 consists of improved microphones and computers with better sensors and aids. It can use linguistic analysis tools to decrypt the emotions of a person from their tone. The ultrasonic sensors of CIMON-2 could help in working through the constrained spaces and quarters in the ISS. As a new development to CIMON-1, CIMON-2 can effectively hear, speak, and see.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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