Salmonella Testing Market to Attain Impressive Growth with Increasing Stringency of Food Safety Regulations

The global salmonella testing market is foreseen by analysts to gain growth with the increasing occurrence of the infection. If left untreated for a longer period of time, salmonella infection could turn life-threatening as it usually attacks the gastrointestinal tract. A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) gives a broad account of the market taking into consideration its important growth aspects and competitive landscape. It bears the title “Salmonella Testing Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024.” The infection could be transmitted with the consumption of contaminated foods such as unpasteurized milk and infected meat or eggs.

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In the U.S., there have been several outbreaks of salmonella infection because of which a number of dairy and meat companies had to recall their products. Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and stool culture are among the top methods employed to diagnose the infection. In real-time PCR, the DNA sequence of the targeted pathogen is detected and intensified during diagnosis. The stool culture method involves culturing the stool of the infected animal or human being. The world salmonella testing market is predicted to increase growth on the back of the enforcement of food safety regulations on the global platform.

Rising stringency of food safety regulations could be another factor augmenting the demand for salmonella testing. During all of their production and processing stages, food products are strictly checked by regulatory bodies and governments around the world. However, the growth of the world salmonella testing market is envisaged to suffer a slack in demand due to the shortage of proper infrastructure and food control resources in emerging countries. Nevertheless, there could be opportunities birthing on the back of aggressive technological developments in bacterial detection and increasing awareness about foodborne diseases.

On the geographical front, the international salmonella testing market is prognosticated to take advantage of North America expected to rank higher on the basis of share. Increasing prevalence of salmonella infection in the region could be one of the leading factors supporting the growth of the market therein. Tight food safety regulations implemented in the region are also envisioned to support market growth in the region. The regional market could find growth riding on the availability of sophisticated healthcare infrastructure and fast-paced technological developments in testing procedures.

An improved CAGR is expected to be held by Asia Pacific due to increasing research and development activities in salmonella testing and upgraded healthcare facilities. China and India could be at the helm of the Asia Pacific market. The region could also gain from the boosted adoption of salmonella testing as a result of the rising occurrence of foodborne diseases.

Some of the important players of the international salmonella testing market are Romer Labs, Eiken Chemical Company Limited, and Life Technologies.

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