Safety and Tolerability of Vagus Nerve Stimulators in Patients Crucial Aspect for Device Manufacturers

Vagus nerve, a part of autonomic nervous system, has a crucial role in metabolic homeostasis. Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), both left and right cervical VNS, has gained some acceptance in wide range of neurological disorders that evade standard seizure medications. Particularly, the technique holds promising potential in refractory epilepsy and treatment resistant depression. In recent years, growing number of clinical studies strengthens prospects in the vagus nerve stimulators market in the advanced stages. A case in point is right VNS for treating heart failure. The growing populations suffering with epilepsy that are not treated by standard therapeutics and drugs is a key factor bolstering the prospects of the vagus nerve stimulators market.

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Studies on Impact of Vagus Nerve Stimulator Market on Biomarkers to Shape Future Clinical Avenues

At present, the applications of vagus nerve stimulators are seemingly limited; only few candidates for vagus nerve stimulation exist. However, recently the outlook has started to change. Relentless focus of researchers on assessing the impact of vagus nerve stimulator on range of biomarkers such as those related to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and metabolic will likely open new clinical avenues in the not-so-distant future. To test the potential of the add-on-technique, the market has witnessed the advent of better-designed vagus nerve stimulators, with the focus on patients’ safety.

New streams of revenue have come from increasing numbers of approvals by regulatory agencies. Of note, the U.S. FDA has approved the use of vagus nerve stimulators for at least two conditions in the last two decades.

A range of methods of vagus nerve stimulation have emerged. Growing demand for surgical implantation of a commercially available vagus nerve stimulators is opening lucrative opportunities. In this regard, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) devices have gained some popularity.

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Promising avenues are expected to emerge in the coming years that will expand the potential of vagus nerve stimulation methods. These are likely to focus on the treatment of Alzheimer’s, chronic refractory headaches, and even obesity. Future studies are likely to focus on the tolerability of devices in the vagus nerve stimulators market on patient populations.

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